About Highgate Assets

Who we are and what we can do for you...

Highgate Asset Management was founded by Kailayapillai Ranjan (Ran) FCMA, who has had over 30 years experience working in investments and business advisory services.

We specialise in sourcing, executing and monitoring real estate development and investment opportunity both in an advisory and participation capacity.

Highgate Assets - Global Reach

Global Reach

The Partners of Highgate have over 30 years experience of providing unique personalised services with global reach including pioneering ventures in UK, Portugal, Spain, Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

Highgate Assets - Structured Finance

Structured Finance

We provide rapid early stage finance for entrepreneurs and structured finance for a range of capital projects and investments, allowing projects to be move forward without delay.

Highgate Assets - Partnerships


Where necessary, we help recruit and retain management talent, establish partnerships and facilitate additional financing for expansion and further development.